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GD2000 Polyol compound Ester


GD2000 is a high-viscosity compound ester with very good hydrolytic stability and shear resistance. It is an efficient and easy-to-use viscosity modifier for mineral and synthetic oils and is recommended for thickening in a variety of lubrication applications. G2000 compound ester can be applied to some formulations as a reinforcement for sulfur-phosphorus type extreme pressure agents, replacing chlorinated paraffins (some formulations need to pay attention to the additive sensibility, mutual solubility of the base oil). Excellent viscosity improving properties, and the equivalent viscosity can be achieved at lower proportion.


Product Features:

● High oil film strength and excellent wear protection;

●Excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability;

●Chlorine-free EP technology, which is synergistic with sulfur-phosphorus EP agents.

● Shear stability.

● Outstanding combustion cleanliness.

● Low volatility.

● Ultra-high viscosity index.

● Biodegradable.

●Can be used in pure oil and soluble oil formulations.



●Adding 10% for cutting and grinding (oils and emulsions) .

●Adding 10~50% for drawing and stamping (oils and emulsions).

●Adding 15~40% for high-temperature grease .

● Adding 50 ~85% for industrial gear oil (base oils mutual solubility should be noted) .

● Adding 20 ~60% for automotive gear oil (base oils mutual solubility should be noted).

●Adding 10~30% for high temperature chain oil .



Item V40,mm2/s V100,mm2/s VI Pour point,°C Flash point,°C Acid value,mgkoH/g
GD2000A 30000~50000 1000~2000 > 260 6 > 300 5
GD2000B 30000~50000 1000~2000 > 260 6 > 300 0.2

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