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Ester Base Oil For Aviation Engine Lubricant


Esters for aviation engine oil of G1820 and G1830 series are biodegradable diesters with high oxidation stability, low volatility and excellent fluidity at low temperature. They can be used alone or in combination with other synthetic materials.G2824 and G2825 series aviation engine oil esters are produced by reaction of neopentyl polyols with various saturated fatty acids, then processed by special post-treatment. They can provide the benefits such as:

high quality, highflash point, low pour point,good kinematic viscosity at low temperature, anti-coking, outstanding biodegradation and environment friendly.



● Excellent thermal oxidation stability

● Excellent solubility of additives

● Improving the adhesion of oil products to metals

● Good wear reduction and anti-wear characteristics

● Biodegradable and no pollution



Item G1820 G1830 G2824 G2825
Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Kinematic viscosity(40°C,mm2/s) 14.21 27.51 19.20 25.03
Kinematic viscosity(100°C,mm2/s) 3.58 5.442 4.31 5.13
Viscosity index(VI) 139 138 132 140
Flash point(°C) 242 260 253 259
Pour point(°C) -57 -57 -59 -60
Acid value 0.016 0.013 0.014 0.016
Density(20°C,kg/m³) 0.952 0.955 0.958 0.960
Moisture(mass fraction)/% trace trace trace trace
Low temperature kinematic viscosity(mm2/s)       (-40°C)/7785



Item Exxon Mobil Lanxess
G1820 Esterex 41 HATCOL 2910
G1830 Esterex 51 HATCOL 2901
G2824 Esterex NP 343  
G2825 Esterex NP 451  



Packing details: 200L/Iron drum, or as per customer’s request; IBC; marks/retention sample/acceptance of delivery according to SHO164 standard.

Storage conditions:

The recommended maximum operating temperature should not exceed 75°C;

The maximum long-term storage temperature should not exceed35°C.

Storage life: 2 years (10~35°C temperature)

Transportation: highway drum/railway tanker/highway tanker.

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