Product introduction

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Product system

G6800V Polymethacrylate viscosity improver


G6800V is a synthetic polymethacrylate multifunctional viscosity index improver  that does not impair the high affinity of polar base oils to metal surfaces and keeps the lubricant film intact under high loads.Highly antioxidant and chemically stable, the copolymer has excellent solubility in many different mineral or synthetic oils.This polymer changes the polymerization structure of the original POLYmethacrylate, introduces comb products for polymerization, shear resistance, based on higher fuel efficiency and emission standards, the injection of I into the internal combustion engine oil will significantly reduce the system fuel consumption by 3-4%.


Product performance

Copolymers are designed to reduce wear in internal combustion engines, transmission gearboxes, clutches, or pumps

- Protection against wear.

- High anti-oxidation and thermal load stability, as well as high shear strength.

- Improving lubricant fluidity.

- Improving viscosity index.

. Highly intermiscibility, soluble in nonpolar lubricants, e.g. in large quantities in fully synthetic oils

- With performance of the viscosity index improvement , the clean dispersion , the detergency, the pour point reduction.


G6800V application to 5W/30


5W-30 0W-20
VII %wt 4.5 VII %wt 6.00 4.20
Functional agent(GF-5) %wt 10 Functional agent(GF-5) %wt 8.90 8.90
Group III Lube Base Stocks Mixing system %wt 85.5 Group III Lube Base Stocks Mixing system %wt 85.10 86.90
HTHS 150°C mPa.s 2.9 HTHS 150°C mPa.s 2.6 2.65
KV 100°C mm2/s 9.8 KV 100°C mm2/s 7.4 8.3
HTHS 100°C mPa.s 6.2 HTHS 100°C mPa.s 5.1 5.3
HTHS 80°C mPa.s 9.3 HTHS 80°C mPa.s 7.5 7.8
KV 40°C mm2/s 43.75 KV 40°C mm2/s 30 35.8
VI mm2/s 220 VI mm2/s 228 220
CCS-30°C(5W) mPa.s 4150 CCS-35°C(5W) mPa.s 4600 4650
Evaporation loss % Quality loss 11 Evaporation loss % Quality loss 11.5 10.5
PSSI %wt 6.5        


Kinematic Viscosity Index(KVI),High temperature high shear(HTH5),Viscosity Index(VI),Fuctional complex additives,Cold Cranking Simulation(CCS),Permanent shear stability index(PSSI)


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