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G6300V Polymethacrylate Viscosity Index Improver


This product is the solvent of polymethacrylate in the deep refined mineral oil.It is specially designed for hydraulic oil as viscosity index improver with high shear stability.


Product Performance:

Its MWD is narrow, with efficient low temperature fluidity, excellent shear stability, and can greatly increase the viscosity index, and can inhibit the crystallization of wax, and can also reduce the pour point efficiently, has the excellent performance of  filtering and anti-emulsion.



It can be used for formulating many kinds of the hydraulic oils such as low temperature high viscosity index hydraulic oil.On the premise of ensuring shear stability, it has the dual effect of increasing viscosity index and reducing pour point, as the core power of efficient hydraulic oil. It can maintain the bestviscosity of oil products in a large temperature range, thus achieving the maximum performance, reducing energy consumption, protecting equipment and improving performance.


G6300 polymethacrylate viscosity index improver with viscosity increasing/ pour pointdepressing effect

project Typical values Test method
Appearance Colorless/ transparent or light yellow viscous liquid Visual test
Kinematic viscosity(100°C,mm2/s) 1354 GB/T 265
Chromaticity 0.5 GB/T 6540
Density(20°C)kg/m³ 920 GB/T 0604
Flash point(開口°C) 180 GB/T 3536
Shear stability SSI KRL 20h 33.9 CECL-45-A-99
Shear stability SSI Diesel nozzle 250 cycles 7.3 SH/T 0103
Shear stability SSI Diesel nozzle 30 cycles 4.4

SH/T 0103


 G6300V Thickening effect of Polymethacrylate viscosity improverunder 100°C 

  100N(Sheel) 150N(modern) 500N(S-Oil)
G6300V,% wt 0    5    10 0    5    10 0    5    10
viscosity,100°C mm2/s 4.16    6.24    8.472 5.32    7.94    11.89 12.25    16.62    22.68


G6300V Applying to Hyundai 150N and its effect of thickening, viscosity index increasing, pour point depressing

  V100,mm2/s V40,mm2/s VI VI value added Pour point,°C
0% 5.32 30.59 106   -25
1% 589 32.5 126 20 -47
3% 6.89 36.65 150 44 -47
5% 7.94 44.04 154 48 -47

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