Product introduction

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Polymethacrylate G826P

Product introduction

G826P, as excellent lubricating oil depressant, has excellent pour point depressing effect, excellent shear stability, a wide range of base oil adaptability, applicable to the internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, etc; is an universal type of depressant; has excellent resistance to emulsification, applicable to all kinds of base oil, such as: class II and class III, III +, hydrogenated base oil formula.


Keep great flow property of lubricant under extremely cold conditions.

A complete set of mature and advanced technology of free radical polymerization

G8XXP series depressant products are polymethacrylate (PAMA) polymers, which have the following advantages:

It can effectively control the generation and growth of wax crystal under cold temperature.

Advanced (PPD) depressant technology, which provides excellent low temperature fluidity for lubricants prepared from a variety of base oils, has been through stringent test.

Leading technical support,we have rich professional experience in the field of low-temperature rheology. Our professional technicians and advanced testing equipment will provide you with comprehensive technical support.We through the above services, keep your oil performance at the lowest temperature to still maintain the best fluidity.

We can provide customers with personalized solutions, and a number of coagulants for you to choose, suitable for each field of depression, so that lubricants under low temperature conditions will maintain the best flow property.


Product performance:

Excellent depressing effect

● Narrower molecular weight distribution

Universal product, wide application.

Universal product, wide application.


Widely application

In the field of lubrication, we ensure optimal performance under stringent conditions, we can provide you:

Low temperature fluidity of  lubricants such as :internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil.

Suitable for all kinds of refined base oil, such as: refined catalytic dewaxing, hydroisomerization and GTLS base oil.

Able to  reduce or eliminate wax crystallization problems caused by the use of high ethylene content OCP viscosity index improvers.



The recommended dosage t0.1%~1.0%. According to the types of the base oil, in order to get the accurate dosage of G826P, the pour point measurement should be carried out in advance. G826P can be used together with other additives.


Item Typical values Test method
Appearance Colorless transparent or light yellow viscous liquid visual
Kinematic viscosity(100°C,mm2/s) 550 GB/T 265
Chromaticity 0.5 GB/T 6540
Density(20°C,kg/m³) 920 SH/T0604
Flash point(°C) 180 GB/T 3536


wt% Pour point /°C
  70N 100N 150N 250N 150SN 400SN 600N
0 -32 -15 -25 -8 -15 -9 -9
0.3 -55 -55 -43 -35 -30 -24 -31


150N Pour point depressing/thickening
PPD  Qtywt  wt % 0 0.5 1 1.25
Kinematic viscosity(100°C,mm2/s) 5.32 5.5598 5.90 6.00
Kinematic viscosity(40°C,mm2/s) 30.59 32.24 33.30 33.76
VI 106 112 122 124
Pour point /°C -25 -43 -43 -41


Packing details:

200L Drum/Stank container/IBC.

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