Production advantage

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All products are produced from factories conforming to national standards, and are operated and produced in strict accordance with the QHSE management system (quality, health, safety and environment). All raw materials are provided by internationally renowned suppliers.

Goncord Oil now owns 10 sets of stainless steel high-pressure sealing reaction caldron with the largest volume per unit in China. The operating temperature range of synthetic ester production is from -30℃ to 300℃, with atmospheric vacuum distillation,alkaline rinsing, solvent recovery and other units, and the whole process of industrialized production of synthetic ester has been achieved independent operation, to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

Meanwhile, it has special sewage, waste gas treatment equipment, which is able to treat acid/alkaline waste water, waste gas; with safe and complete site management of hazardous chemicals storage and transportation.

Adopting auto-control system and temperature sensor made by Siemens, we ensure the high-precision control of the techniques and reaction parameters in the manufacturing process, which achieves automation and visualization of the production. Strictly control the feeding of raw materials, unified quality control requirements, carried out in strict accordance with the quality management system requirements, our products achieve the whole process traceability, to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.

Until now Goncord Oil has been successfully developed to manufacture massively synthetic ester, such as PMA pour point depressant, viscosity index improver, neopentyl polyol ester, thenatural fatty acid ester, synthetic ester special for transformer oil, and so on more than 10 kinds. Meantime, it can manufacture products for directional use, such as environmental protection polyol ester synthetic refrigerant oil, synthetic compressor oil, aviation lubricating oil, environmental protection transformer oil and synthetic ester metal processing fluid, etc. The performance and quality of the above products have reached the world's leading level.

At the same time, in terms of comprehensive capabilities such as the structure and types of synthetic esters, Goncord Oil has become an industrial leader.

At present, Goncord Oil produce synchronously many core productsof the world's top synthetic chemical enterprise , become one of the few global comprehensive suppliers.

With a global supply chain system and partners from the world's top 500 chemical companies, such as Dow Chemical Company, BASF, OXEA, Sasol Limited,Perstorp, etc., Goncord Oil hasset up long-term and stable strategic relationship with them to ensure timely and stable supply.

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