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Decades of Stable Development and Continuous Accumulation Since Its Establishmen

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Established in 1993, Goncord owns an oil wharf which can accommodate freight ships up to 3,000 tons, in addition, a nearby tank yard holding up to 30,000 tons. At our Yingkou production base, the blending capacity reaches 150,000 tons annually; meanwhile the capacity of tank storage and tank filling for finished product is up to 50,000 tons; as well as one special railway extends directly into the factory. In 2014, the synthetic ester plant was built, with an annual production capacity of more than 3,000 tons. 60,000 square meters of Hilubo Industrial Park was planned to be built in 2016, with an additional annual production capacity of 80,000 tons after completion, as well as a well-equipped lubricants technology R&D center.

The high quality supply chain provides a strong quality support for Goncord Oil. At present, we can produce more than 50 main categories and 700 grades of lubrication products including synthetic esters, bio-based PAO, lubricants for electrical appliances, automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, greases and special oils. They meet the needs of multiple industries such as electric power, metallurgy, mining, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, wind power and special equipment.

After decades of stable development and continuous accumulation, Goncord has become a modern enterprise specializing in lubricant R&D and service, and a leading enterprise of high-grade electric lubricant and a pioneer in the industrial application of synthetic esters in China.
At the beginning of 21st  century, we already recognized the importance of environmentally friendly synthetic oil raw materials in the future development of lubricants. From 2010, Goncord started to invest in large-scale independent research and development of synthetic esters and bio-based PAO products, which are highly stable, with longer service life, more comprehensive lubrication protection and energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics, to improve the performance of lubrication products in all aspects. At present, Goncord Oil delivers 20,000 tons of synthetic ester production capacity per year,  and has formed a set of product technical solutions with synthetic ester base oil as the core, and provides raw material supply and OEM services for multiple international renowned enterprises. The whole series of synthetic ester products, mainly including: mono-ester, di-ester, meta-phenyl ester, polyol ester, special ester, pour point depressant, etc.

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