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Lubricant Industry Elites Gathering in Goncord

Posted time:2020-11-26 10:56:00 View:287

On November 18, 2020, we welcome a group of important guests - a scientific research team consisting of senior experts in the industry from all over China, who visited Goncord today. This visit is not only a special praise to Goncord, but also a exchange meeting of experts to discuss the application of domestic synthetic ester technology and the future development of the industry.

Goncord Oil is currently the only company in China that produces polyol esters, polymethyl methacrylate depressant and viscosity modifiers, ester-based PAO, borate esters for braking fluids, and esters for nomflammable hydraulic fluids. Through the deep integration of international supply chain and technical cooperation with many research institutes and universities, Goncord products and application formulations have been fully verified in many famous lubricant manufacturers and complex application sites, and are widely praised.

The visit of experts group encountered with the sudden drop of temperature and rain in the area, Goncord prepared umbrellas and hand warmers for our guests who were accompanied by our staff to ensure the safety and everything went smoothly. 

After arriving, the experts delegation first visited the exhibition hall of Goncord Synthetic Esters, where the director of marketing department introduced the development history of Goncord, as one of the leading synthetic esters suppliers in China, the abundant synthetic esters and application cases in the exhibition hall were unanimously affirmed and praised by the experts! Then, the experts visited the synthetic ester R&D center, product packaging workshop, production control center and synthetic ester production equipment. At the end of the tour, the experts expressed their recognition of Goncord R&D technology and equipment, and the synthetic ester products had been highly accepted and recognized by them.

This visit is not only a test for Goncord’s  "excellent technology, hard power and good reputation", but also a milestone for us to make outstanding contribution in the field of synthetic esters. In the future, Goncord Oil will never forget why we start, adhere to bold innovation, rigorous evidence seeking, using international advanced technology, to provide lubrication enterprises with product development and design solutions. We will work together with other manufacturers to develop market, jointly promote the development of the industry and improve the status and influence of China's lubricating materials in the international market!

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