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About Maya – Life Coach in Miami

Welcome to Rewarding Relationships!

My name is MAYA of Rewarding Relationships, LLC and I would like to help you have a happy, fulfilled and Rewarding Relationship in your life.

I am Certified Rules Dating & Relationships Coach and I am here to help you! Since 2009, I have trained and worked closely with Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider, authors of The Rules Book, the original manual for dating, relationships and love and getting the Rewarding Relationship you have always desired – all based on the premise that men and women are romantically different.

I am a South Florida girl, born and raised in the Sunshine State. I have been married and divorced and have certainly experienced heartache and heartbreak. But in life you learn to Move On! I am a
passionate business owner and a happily divorced single mom.

Rewarding Relationships and The Rules will help you in dating, marriage, divorce and singlehood and also in learning how to weed out Mr./Ms. Wrongs.

We have all had our hearts broken once before and have gone through confusion, pain and maybe even a little bit of sadness, unhappiness and loneliness regarding the wild world of love. Why not create a NEW, BETTER way to treat yourself? Rewarding Relationships provides you with a support system and a safe place to turn to so you are not alone in the relationship jungle.

If you are serious about marriage, getting married or being the center of someone’s life – then Rewarding Relationships is for you. You have NOTHING to lose! No one wants to be alone forever. You deserve happiness & love and a man or woman whom you adore and who adores & loves you.

I coach men and women on how to remove the desperation and frustration from dating, romance, relationships and marriage.

It is time for YOUR HAPPINESS in love & life! It's time for you to have your
Rewarding Relationship.



With love & happiness,
Maya – Relationship Counseling