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Maya Ezratti, CDO of Rewarding Relationships, LLC

  • Certified "Rules" Dating Coach
  • "Your Tango" Relationship Expert

Dating & Relationship Counseling

Let's face it...Men & Women are completely different when it comes to dating, romance & marriage. Romantic Relationships are an entirely different world than Friendships, Business & Casual Relationships. With the Rewarding Relationships Program, based on The Rules dating books written by Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider, you will learn to date with confidence, live in a mindset full of self esteem, practice & live by the real standards of dating AND have meaningful, fun, trustworthy, loving & HAPPY Relationships with the man or woman of your dreams!

  • Improve Your Dating Skills
  • "Be a CUAO" - a 'Creature Unlike Any Other'
  • Learn how to Meet Men/Women
  • Get Him or Her to COMMIT!
  • Date with Self Esteem & Confidence!
  • Have a Successful & Happy Marriage
  • Learn When to MOVE ON! NEXT!
  • "Love Only Those Who Love You"